Anne-Marie Cano CEO of iDalgo: “700,000 players during the World Cup”

6/12/2023 15:58
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7/12/2023 15:36

Anne-Marie Cano is CEO of iDalgo, owner of the Scorecast platform. It focuses on the key role that a forecasting competition can play within a company.


What is Scorecast?

Scorecast is a platform that allows you to organize sports prediction contests either with friends or within a company. It can be on recurring soccer competitions, such as the Champions League, Ligue 1 or rugby like the Top 14, the Pro D2, but also basketball and handball and especially major events such as a World Cup and the Euro soccer.


What is the origin of the project?

The idea comes from an observation. Before 2016, people already made predictions and there was always someone who was bored creating an Excel file with formulas to calculate the number of points. Our aim is to organize these short prediction competitions in a simple and fast way. It started with the web and we quickly implemented mobile applications. The idea is to use this platform to test technological developments, apply gamification concepts, and engage and expand our community.

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How many people play it?

In general, more than 100,000 people play Scorecast all year round. As soon as there are major sporting events, attendance explodes. We had over 750,000 players during the 2018 World Cup. On the Scorecast Business side, it represented more than 350 businesses. We expect to reach one million players and 500 businesses by the next Euro 2021.


What is the interest for a business?

First, put an end to Excel files for prediction competitions and allow companies to take advantage of a sporting event to organize an internal event. As early as 1998, France was successful, matches were followed in companies. In the same way, this platform makes it possible to create Entertainment, internal activation and links between employees. An internal ranking in a company is not something common and it is even a “tool of terror” for the vast majority of employees! But here, it's about fun, we create real moments of emotion and fun. The company always comes out a winner. With our platform, it offers an opportunity to connect people who know very little or nothing about each other. This is even more true in the period of distancing and teleworking that we are currently experiencing.

Thanks to the team of journalists at iDalgo, we produce analytical articles on the performance of participants, and therefore company employees, as if they were top athletes. Our teams are having fun making the news about the huge loss of “Didier the Accountant” in the last 3 matches or the dominance of the “commercial division” over the rest of the teams.


On the site, we have the promise of a “personalized platform, dedicated to your business”. What does that mean in concrete terms?

If you are a bank or a hypermarket, the “look and feel” is not the same. Personalizing means bringing the elements of the company's graphic charter into the interior such as logos, colors or typography. It can also be the creation of dedicated pages with messages from the company, the company's Twitter account to bring a social wall, or bonus questions that allow players to earn points thanks to questions related to the company's history, for example. It becomes a completely personalized game both in content and in form. The company and its employees always have an excellent memory.

The most important moment is when the rewards are distributed to the winners. Afterwards, we always get heartfelt thanks.
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