How the Moselle Handball Committee brought together the clubs of the department

17/1/2024 17:48
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19/1/2024 11:06

The context

On the occasion of the Women's World Handball Championship, then the European Men's Handball Championship, the Moselle Handball Committee and Scorecast joined forces to organize a prediction competition bringing together 44 clubs from Moselle and their licensees. The aim? Bringing together all the players in the department thanks to their passion for handball in order to experience the major French handball competitions even more intensely.

Visual registration Scorecast for Comité de Moselle

Clubs do their communication 👀

Following the communication made by the Committee, the clubs in turn relayed the information to bring together all their licensees and come and defend the colors of their club thanks to their sports forecasts.

From the virtual platform to the awards ceremony in gyms

Thanks to the team game mode, the clubs were then able to challenge each other throughout the competition. The discussion area of the mobile application was wild on some evenings when the predictions were decided by the smallest goal difference!

At the end of the competition, the Moselle Committee rewarded the 3 best clubs as well as the 3 best players in the sports prediction competition. For the managers, it was a special opportunity to go to the gyms and get in touch with licensees in order to present them with the awards (in partnership with Echo Sport to allow them to equip themselves with sports equipment).

Three images of shopping vouchers for the winners

Scorecast Business is for clubs, leagues and federations

We had a lot of fun setting up this project with the Moselle 57 Committee team and seeing the enthusiasm of licensees intensify as the events unfold.

“Our licensees have given us more than positive feedback! The Men's World Championship is fast approaching and we can't wait to renew this partnership with Scorecast to allow our clubs to come together.”

If you are a club, a league, a federation or any other associative organization, Scorecast can help you set up your internal animation project. Do not hesitate to contact us for us to discuss it together!

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