Guide to the 2023 Rugby World Cup: Episode 5 - 3 stories about the Blues to tell the poodle

6/12/2023 15:58
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7/12/2023 11:32

Travel with us through the adventures of rugby and discover a universe where each anecdote has its place in history. Whether you are a long-time enthusiast or a novice eager to brush up on your skills in preparation for the next Rugby World Cup 2023, this episode is for you. We offer you a look behind the scenes of the French rugby team, to discover some unusual stories that have marked its career. With these stories in hand, you will be the star of the poodle during rugby discussions, while refining your predictions on Scorecast Business. So, fasten your seat belts and prepare to be amazed by these untold stories of Les Bleus!

In 2007, the Blues merged with the Blacks

In the quarterfinals of the World Cup, France faces New Zealand and has the choice of jersey color. Manager Jo Maso opts for midnight blue. Problem: with the Blacks playing in black, the two teams will mix up on television. Neither team wanted to play in white and a compromise was reached 12 hours before the start: the Blacks would play in grey and the Blues would wear white shorts.

In 2003, a rooster named Diomede

Just before the World Cup, Jo Maso, again, spoke out to mobilize his entire group “In the life of a group, everyone has their role. There are 30 of you who are embarking on the adventure. I want everyone to behave like Bernard Diomède during the 1998 World Cup. He didn't play much, but he always had a positive impact.” When an Australian farmer lends a rooster to players, the players name it “Diomedes.” Each evening, a player is appointed to take care of it. The hotel where they are staying will even lend themselves to the game by giving them a room and a cage to the rooster Diomedes.

In 1999, the invisible yogurt launcher

Before the World Cup, the team is not in good shape and the group is divided. To unite the troops, the selectors Jean-Claude Skrela and Pierre Villepreux sent everyone on a commando internship in Aveyron. To reach a cave, players must go through a steep and rocky path. In the book Secret Stories of the Blue, Christophe Dominici tells us: “We therefore built a long human chain to deliver all the food. From the top of the rocks, an individual threw yogurt at Jean-Claude Skrela and Max Godemet, his deputy. They were covered with it. We never knew who it was.”

We hope you enjoyed this dive into the fascinating world of rugby and these unusual stories about the Blues. These stories say a lot about the character of the team and can even help you refine your predictions for the 2023 Rugby World Cup. So, get ready for episode 6, a quiz that will test what you've learned from previous episodes. With Scorecast Business, not only will you enjoy every game, but you could also be your company's prediction champion. So stay tuned for the next episode of our 2023 Rugby World Cup Guide, and in the meantime, may the best prediction win out!

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