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6/12/2023 15:58
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7/12/2023 15:38

Many employers and employees want to take action and get involved in humanitarian, ecological and/or environmental actions. Today, a lot of solutions are available. A lot of sites offer the how, the who, and the why.

The company, a powerful actor for humanitarian associations

Employees and employers want to get involved in international solidarity actions. Historically, it was not until the sad tsunami in the Indian Ocean in December 2004 that companies, in the process of reflection, were pushed by their employees to donate money. A good example of this period is that of Unicef France. Indeed, the association saw almost non-existent donations from companies represented 7 million euros.

The objective for a company to translate into acts of solidarity is to create links, cohesion, adherence to values and pride in belonging among employees.

In summary, in these difficult times, companies and their employees are seeking to give meaning to their activities.

Scorecast a facilitator

Indeed, we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of the enthusiasm generated by a national or international sports event in order to communicate your action and activate the general commitment of your teams.


Create a scorecast platform in your colors and with a personalized link in a few clicks. Insert all the messages you want to share in the available communication spaces. These are the elements available to activate the commitment.

You will contribute X euros or euro cents to the association of your choice to:

- Each registration of your employees

- Each prediction made

- Each point obtained

The monitoring of all this data is visible via an interface on your platform.

The suspense of the competition and the possibility of winning prizes will keep this project excited for many weeks to come.

The festivities among the champions and a final communication with the total amount obtained by the company thanks to the participation of its employees will be the ideal conclusion of this project.

For more information find our dedicated page or call us at +33 9 72 10 70 27.

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