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19/2/2024 12:16
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26/2/2024 12:15

Koesio, the No. 1 digital services company for SMEs and local authorities, chose Scorecast Business for one of its in-house activations during the Rugby World Cup 2023. Solène Sabatier, Sponsorship and Events Project Manager at Koesio, talks about the event and her relationship with Scorecast Business. She tells us about the benefits of an in-house predictions competition at Koesio, as well as three tips that can be applied by all companies.

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Why choose Scorecast Business?

Solène Sabatier from Koesio. Scorecast Business offers the possibility of customization, enabling us to adapt the gaming experience to our brand image. The platform is fluid and ergonomic, and can be used by experts and beginners alike, guaranteeing a pleasant experience for all participants. The attractive price compared to competitors was an important factor in our decision. What's more, the Scorecast Business team was on hand to answer our questions and advise us on how to set up the game.

As Koesio is a sponsor of the Rugby World Cup 2023, has this challenge helped to highlight this partnership to your employees?

This challenge played a part in getting our employees involved in our sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup. We succeeded in generating real enthusiasm and strengthening our commitment to this sponsorship. The active participation of our employees created a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere, strengthening links between teams and fostering a sense of belonging to our company.

The participation of our employees has strengthened the bonds between our teams.

You had a great engagement rate (almost 70% with over 1,300 players). What communication media did you use?

Several communication media were used during the competition to communicate internally. Firstly, we sent out promotional e-mails to inform people about the launch of the game, the rules and the prizes to be won. In addition, we posted announcements on our internal social network, where we shared teasers, news and regular updates on the game. Dynamic displays were also shown on screens in our branches. Finally, posters were put up in common areas, such as coffee machines, to reach as many employees as possible during their breaks and encourage participation in the game.

Koesio communication

What features were most appreciated on the platform?

The addition of personalized bonus questions made the game even more captivating, offering additional challenges and sparking participants' interest in specific topics. Real-time chat was a key element in encouraging interaction between participants. It enabled everyone to share their reactions, analyses and comments on the live matches, creating a friendly and immersive atmosphere. The mobile application proved indispensable for this type of competition, offering maximum accessibility and an optimized user experience. Participants were able to easily access the platform, enter their predictions and follow the results wherever they were, helping to maintain a high level of engagement throughout the competition.

The competition was one of the main topics discussed at the coffee machine.

Do you have any tips for a successful prediction contest?

Based on past experience, if I had to give three tips for a successful prediction contest, in our opinion they would be:

  1. Create an environment around the contest
  2. Set up internal communication in various forms to attract as many employees as possible
  3. Offer prizes as rewards to the best predictors

Can you tell us a little about the general atmosphere in the office during this game?

The competition was one of the main topics discussed at the coffee machine throughout the competition period. Our employees were able to share common passions around sport, and more particularly in this case around rugby.

We'd like to thank Solène once again for her time and trust, as well as everyone at Koesio!

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