Our new rewards partner for Euro 2024: OneTrophy

26/3/2024 17:28
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29/3/2024 15:38

OneTrophy is a French family business founded in 2020 by a father and his two football-loving boys. Arnaud, Alexandre and Florian offer to make your own trophy for your employees to win. OneTrophy has several partnerships with soccer clubs such as Olympique de Marseille, Racing club de Lens, FC Porto and SL Benfica. What's more, they also offer the possibility of making your own personalized trophy in your own colors.

What products does OneTrophy offer?

The trophy is made up of two sides and four fully customizable labels, giving you the choice of making your trophy unique. The product adapts to your colors with modifiable text, all in 3 different sizes.

Trophy Length Height Depth
Small trophy 10cm 13cm 8cm
Medium trophy 15cm 20cm 12cm
Large trophy 24cm 30cm 12cm

Here are some examples of trophies:

Example of a Scorecast Business trophy
Example of a Scorecast Business trophy
Example of trophies for Racing Club de Lens
Example of trophies for Racing Club de Lens
Example of trophies for Olympique de Marseille
Example of trophies for Olympique de Marseille

How do I get my personalized trophy?

OneTrophy is an official partner of Scorecast Business, enabling you to easily integrate your prizes into your web and mobile platform, making them visible to your players. Here's how to order your OneTrophy trophy:

  1. Within your Scorecast Business prediction platform, add the size of the OneTrophy you want.
  2. Once the trophy has been added to your platform, OneTrophy will contact you directly by e-mail to collect the information needed for your personalization. As a Scorecast Business customer, you benefit from a preferential rate on your trophies with OneTrophy.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to find out more about your future prediction platform within your company or EC, or about the various possibilities for acquiring a OneTrophy trophy with your Scorecast Business game. ‍

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