Scorecast Business: The ideal platform to organize a tennis prediction competition for businesses

6/12/2023 15:58
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7/12/2023 11:36

With Roland Garros just around the corner, it's the ideal time to organize a tennis competition with colleagues. And Scorecast Business is the perfect platform to do that! With our special offer for businesses, you can easily create a prediction competition for the best Roland Garros matches, and follow the results in real time.

Scorecast Business

Our user-friendly interface allows you to quickly create your competition, invite your colleagues to participate, and follow the rankings live. Predictions can be changed up to the last minute before the match starts, and users can chat via private chat to discuss bets and results.

With Scorecast Business, you can customize your contest to suit your needs, choosing from a variety of parameters such as contest length, number of participants, game rules, and prizes. You can also use our moderation system to monitor inappropriate behavior and ensure fair gaming for all.

But that's not all! Our prediction competition offering, Scorecast Business, also offers the possibility of creating tennis quizzes to entertain and engage your colleagues. Test their knowledge about the world of tennis or that of your company and offer them a new experience.

Whether you are a small business or a large company, Scorecast Business is the solution for organizing a successful tennis competition at Roland Garros. So what are you waiting for to register your business and create your own forecasting competition now?

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