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6/12/2023 15:58
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7/12/2023 15:37

Scorecast Business is an innovative forecasting platform adapted to the needs of companies in terms of employee engagement. By implementing this type of game internally, team cohesion is strengthened. Thanks to Scorecast Business, the enthusiasm is there and the sporting event is entering another dimension. The number of participants is unlimited and the platform is also available on mobile.

Scorecast Business is the ultimate weapon for entertaining colleagues on Monday morning about any sport (soccer, rugby, tennis and many others...)!

The success of Scorecast Business? Users still talk best about it, as 95% of 2018 World Cup forecasters are satisfied with the platform and its options. A positive experience facilitated by an effective and responsive commercial relationship, which was praised by 86%. A figure that jumps to 90% when we talk about the speed of setting up our platform.

If 92% of players, but 100% of winners, recommend Scorecast Business, it's also because more than 90% of users find the platform simple and intuitive.

In terms of engagement, Scorecast Business has already generated more than 500 tournaments, hundreds of prizes, and countless aperitifs around the world. Why not you?

Join Scorecast Business and fully experience 2021 events like Euro 2021. It's your turn to play!

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