Take advantage of your Scorecast Business Competition to Donate to an Association

Liven up your competition in the best possible way with newsletters

Sent out at key moments during the competition, in just a few clicks, newsletters help keep your teams engaged and keep track of this unforgettable event

How does it work?

From your platform, choose one of your available newsletters
Receive it by e-mail and forward it to your teams via your e-mail client
Your employees receive a progress report on this unforgettable event

5 key moments in the competition

Designed to create and maintain excitement among your teams throughout the competition, newsletters are sent out at specific times:

1. Before the competition to announce the competition
2. On launch day for latecomers
3. After the group phase to make the first assessment
4. Before the semi-finals for the home stretch
5. Ad after the final to announce the big winners
Mockup Scorecast Business
Mockup Scorecast Business

Customizable and modifiable

Unique to your platform, the newsletters are automatically generated with your colors, logo, employee rankings, prizes to be won...

Each e-mail reflects your company's image, can be modified as you wish and is ideal for engaging your teams and communicating easily with them.

Frequently asked questions

What is Scorecast Business?

Scorecast Business is a platform enabling companies to create a sports prediction competition for major events. Once you've signed the order form or made payment via your platform, you'll get a white-label website that you can customize, as well as dedicated, secure access to the Scorecast Business mobile applications on Android and iOS. Scorecast Business is a true online team-building platform!

Do you offer a free service?

Scorecast Business offers only paid-for products. However, we have another product, Scorecast, which is aimed at individuals and is 100% free. Whether it's with your friends, family, sports club or whatever, Scorecast is for you. Find out more about the differences between Scorecast Business and Scorecast and get access to the free Scorecast solution!

How does Scorecast Business respect and protect personal data?

This is our priority. All your data is hosted by our service providers OVH and Scaleway in France, and within a maximum of 60 days of the end of your competition, all your data and access to your web platform and mobile applications will be destroyed. Furthermore, there are no audience measurement or advertising tools on our Scorecast Business services.

What sporting events are available on Scorecast Business?

All the major sporting events are on Scorecast Business. In 2024, for example, Scorecast Business offers you the best competitions: Euro 2024 soccer, Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, CAN, Formula 1 and VI Nations. Scorecast Business allows you to forecast on the vast majority of sports: soccer, rugby, Formula 1, tennis... If you'd like to set up a corporate prediction contest on a sport that isn't on the list, contact us and we'll discuss how we can meet your needs!

Get started! 🚀

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