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27/2/2024 16:08
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11/3/2024 15:16

CSE BRED involved BRED Banque Populaire employees in a major in-house prediction game during the Rugby World Cup 2023, with multiple prizes to be won. In the end, more than 630 employees competed over the two months of the competition on their Scorecast Business platform with the Enterprise Plan. Find out more about the experience with Xavier Devichi, deputy secretary of the CSE.

The social and economic committee (CSE) is the employee representation body within the company. It must be set up in companies with more than 11 employees. CSE members are elected by company employees for a maximum term of 4 years. The powers, composition and operation of the CSE vary according to the size of the company.

Image CSE BRED with Scorecast Business

What did you like about Scorecast Business?

Xavier Devichi from CSE BRED. We met Scorecast at the CSE Eluceo trade show at the Stade de France last March, and were quickly won over by the application, which seemed very comprehensive, pleasant and intuitive to use.

As a representative on a works council, how has this activity been perceived by your employees?

Our employees were very enthusiastic about this activity. Before the first matches, they took advantage of the chat area to discuss and motivate each other, and they regularly followed the changes in the first places, hoping to be added to the list. We've had nothing but good feedback from this event.

Our employees were very enthusiastic about this activity

Congratulations on your 90% commitment rate (635 players registered)! Do you have a miracle recipe?

Good communication beforehand (and a little magic)!

How did you get to grips with the platform?

It's very easy to use, the platform is intuitive but also has a lot of functions to set up. All my questions were easily answered on the platform!

What features were most appreciated on the platform?

For our part, we were able to set up specific questions that were a little outside the sporting framework, as a reminder that it was our CSE that offered this game.

Scorecast Business is CSE's No. 1 platform for sports predictions

Can you tell us a little about the general atmosphere in the office during this game?

We used to hear a lot of people discussing their position in the standings the day after games, and that created a bit of a buzz for a little over a month, bringing a bit of good cheer into the offices.

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We'd like to thank Xavier for his trust, and we're delighted to have been able to support them throughout the competition!

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